Advanced Renamer

This is a new version of this old classic ! The new version is written in python and comes with a GPL licence. Also, the new version has full support for Unicode in filenames. This program is based on PERL regular expression for expressing renaming. With the classic Windows renamer, only very limited renaming can be done. The use of regular expressions opens the possibility for many useful renaming, for example, formatting all the episodes of a series, … For example, let’s say all your music is formated that way : Title - Artist - 01.mp3 and you want 01-Artist-Title.mp3 Just type

advanced-renamer -e:"(.*) - (.*) - (\d\d).mp3" -r:$$3-$$2-$$1.mp3

and all you files are renamed in a snap ! More convenient than firing up a tag editor or a music manager… The program comes with an installer, which makes it very simple to install. After installing, simply invoke it by typing in a console: advanced- renamer (or advanced-renamer.exe). It will explain itself the usage. For a more detailed help, a help file is included, which is accessible from the windows start menu.


This program allows PERL-like syntax renaming in Windows Console. This allows for powerful, yet simple, remaning.




Windows, Linux, MacOSX, Others


  • PERL-like regular expressions
  • Installer
  • Simple use from command line with online help


advanced-renamer (python source)
setup advanced renamer 1.1

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