I was brought on this project to develop the game. Art and basic gameplay were already done, but the deadline was quite short. I developed the following points:

  • Automatic CI and builds for Unity
  • Import toolchain
  • Level Editor within Unity
  • Integration of assets
  • Gameplay
  • Testing

It was quite a challenge as art was already done and the margin for modification was narrow. However this educational game was extremely well received.


Chut! is also a collaborative and participatory game, crafted with artists, kids and teenagers from Hérault, a region in southern France. In Chut! four players have to collaborate to bring about change in four different dictatorships. A military dictatorship, a religious oppression, a bureaucratic totalitarian regime and a spectacle-driven tyranny. Stepping in the shoes of four different artists, they must intervene in public space through art, and not violence, to bring back a plurality of opinions and thought in town.




Windows, Unity

Release date