IE Search Hook

This program is for Internet Explorer 6. Internet Explorer 7 has since introduced search bar, so this is not needed anymore. This program allows you to do more efficient searches than with the default engine, which goes on the Microsoft site. You can do a one click search from your address bar. Simply type your search, and voilà! Your preferred engine has done the search for you. By default, the engine is Google, but this can be modified. Moreover, you can add more engines with prefixes: for example, you can do : ‘google search1’ or ‘yahoo search2’ to switch. To configure these additional engines, you will need the Powertoys from Microsoft, in particular, TweakUI. Last, if you type only one word, Search hook for IE will search if a website with the extension .com, .net or .org exists with this name (in that order).


This program replaces the default search in Internet Explorer 6.






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