SoBlonde : Back to the Island

This game, all screenshots and accompanying materials are copyright Wizarbox.

This an adventure game developed for the DS/Wii. You are Sunny, a young blond woman who’s lost on a pirate island. Will you be able to unravel the mysteries around the island and to escape ? The game feature an impressive 2D/3D combination for the DS, with smooth controls and exiting enigmas !

For this game, I developed mainly:

  • Initial port of PC scenes
  • Main engine
    • Scene renderer
    • Sprite renderer
    • Animation system
    • Dialog system
    • 3D/2D compositing without Z-buffer, the DS doesn’t support it
  • Tools
    • Image exporter
    • Dialog compiler
    • Scene compiler
    • Scene Editor
    • Dialog Editor
    • Localize
    • Scene exporter
    • Font compiler
    • LZMA compressor

I also developed the localization process that allow the game to be fully translated in any Unicode compatible language (all :-) ).

The engine has also been used for the next game in the series, Captain Morgan.




Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii

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