Deluge on windows now features debug support

If you are interested in the deluge on windows alpha build, you can now have a crash report in case of a crash. In fact, there are three ! crash types:

  • The python warning. When you close deluge, a dialog box appears telling you that there were errors. This one can be safely ignored. To see the warnings, open the deluge.exe.log file, and if you find the content interesting (you should know some python), you can send me the info.
  • The uncaught exception. This one creates a crash, with a dialog box telling you that Python terminated in an unusual way. There’s nothing much to do, apart trying to recreate the bug to have a test case.
  • The “true” crashes. They can arrive at any moment. In case of a true crash, a file should be created. you can safely email this file to me.

Have fun with deluge alpha testing !