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How to route FreeTV with EdgerouterJuly 2017

I recently had the chance to get the fiber at home. However, due to historical reasons, I want to keep my FreeBox along with the Multiposte FreeTV service where I could watch TV on PCs connected to the network. Having two networks, I purchased and configured an Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite in failover mode. It’s quite a struggle to get the FreeTV feature working on this configuration, this is how I managed to do it. Read more

Bitbucket Pipelines revisited: AlpineJune 2017

I wanted to be able to use always the latest version of hugo. However, the jq version provided by the default image of bitbucker is rather old.

Therefore, I used alpine linux image with allows much more recent version of the tools.

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Build an Hugo website with Bitbucket PipelinesMay 2017

I now use (bitbucket pipelines) to publish this website.

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How to display ip on a remote vm before loginApril 2017

Source: taken from (

TL;DR Install with one the following lines (choose either, or as root. Feel free to checkout the source.

wget -O - | sh
wget -O - | sh
wget -O - | sh


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Added new toolsDecember 2016

I added two new tools: Add to Trello, which allows you to quickly add tasks to your trello board from windows, and domf, which is a simple pomf clone.

domfNovember 2016

This script is a one php file (+config) that allows you to upload files to a host with pomf protocol. This script does support: Uploading multiple files Filtering mime-types JSON answers Short URLs No database needed This script does not support: Other responses than JSON Upload from the webbrowser Users, authentication, etc. Installation Just copy the script to some location and edit config.php files. Read more

How to open everything in a tab in FirefoxNovember 2016

To open everything in a tab in Firefox, many steps are required. You will need some extension to achieve the more complicated ones. TL;DR Change the followings: to true in about:config Install userChrome.js and add the following script. Done. What decides where something is open ? When you click or type somewhere in Firefox, there is code that decides where your click or enter should open. This code is mostly javascript, which means we can inspect it and modify it. Read more

PwdCheck CTFNovember 2016

This challenge is done by providing a c file.

The file can be downloaded here:

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Marcan's tis101 crackmeNovember 2016

Here are my findings in the challenge by marcan codenamed ‘crackme.tis101’ Setup The challenge is available at the following URLs: nc 10847 preferred telnet 10847 If you telnet the following url and port, we are greeted with the follwing prompt (does not vary): ================================================================================ WELCOME TO THE TIS-101 DEVELOPMENT AND TEST ENVIRONMENT ================================================================================ Enter object code followed by NEWLINE: We need object code to be sent after this. Read more

Bye Drupal, welcome HugoAugust 2016

It has been a long time. Way too long. Update from update, Drupal was less and less a good solution for this website. I don’t update it that often, for starters. Secondly, Drupal was horribly slow and cumbersome. While I agree that Drupal can be an excellent choice for bigger websites, it’s simply not adapted to simple portfolio type websites. As a programmer, I was instanntly seduced by the approach of static sites generators: at last, my content would be easily viewable (the whole point of Drupal was to have the content separated from the HTML, as it was in the first iterations of the site). I setted on Hugo because I liked the fact it was fast, is using not to complicated templating system (even though it seems there is quite a bit different manners of doing the same thing) and is usable only with one executable. I don’t like the idea to pull the earth on my laptop just to compile a few webpages, going with go is perfect.

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