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Added reCaptcha to commentsMay 2008

Due to huge amount of spam comments, I’ve added a reCaptcha field to the comment forms. Let’s hope it will prevent bots from posting bogus comments.

Contact form disabledDecember 2007

Since i’m getting much spam on with my contact form (like 1 every 30s), i’m desactivating for now. If you need to contact me, send me an email to slurdge a t slurdge d o t org. Thanks.

Deluge on windows now features debug supportSeptember 2007

If you are interested in the deluge on windows alpha build, you can now have a crash report in case of a crash. In fact, there are three ! crash types: The python warning. When you close deluge, a dialog box appears telling you that there were errors. This one can be safely ignored. To see the warnings, open the deluge.exe.log file, and if you find the content interesting (you should know some python), you can send me the info. Read more

Game section onlineApril 2007

The game section has been totally converted from the old site into the new one. You can browse the two games on the left.

New websiteApril 2007

The new website is up and running ! And some of you may have noticed from the theme, the site is now backed by Drupal. The team and community has done an excellent job on this CMS, and my custom solution was no longer needed. I hope you enjoy the new design !