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New utility onlineMarch 2011

There is a new utility online: pmwiki2trac. This allows you to convert a pmwiki text to trac syntax. Check it out!

Added new gamesMarch 2011

I’ve added new games description from my work at Wizarbox. There’s Soblonde on Wii/DS, and Risen on Xbox360. Check them out !

Bienvenue !March 2011

Bienvenue sur mon site (qui en est quand même à la version 5 !). Sur ce site vous pourrez trouver des utilitaires, des jeux, des simulations, bref, un peu de tout. J’ai arrêté d’avoir un site en deux langues car cela prenait trop de temps de tout traduire, donc maintenant il n’y a que les applications entièrement en français qui disposent d’une page française (Reminder, Tsv to qif…). Si vous avez besoin d’aide, n’hésitez pas à poser la questions dans les forums ou bien contactez moi ! Read more

Drupal 7 on the wayJanuary 2011

Drupal 7 is out ! Time to update again :) This time it is a little bit more difficult, since CCK is now part of drupal core. So if you see anything that is broken, please use the contact form.

Welcome !January 2011

Welcome to, home of my projects and utilities ! Here you can find various materials ranging from utilities to simulations to games. If you need help, do not hesitate to ask in the comments or to contact me.

Drupal 6 migration doneJanuary 2010

This may be late, but better now than never. The site has been upgraded to Drupal 6 and now has a better support for screen shots for projects.

Added reCaptcha to commentsMay 2008

Due to huge amount of spam comments, I’ve added a reCaptcha field to the comment forms. Let’s hope it will prevent bots from posting bogus comments.

Contact form disabledDecember 2007

Since i’m getting much spam on with my contact form (like 1 every 30s), i’m desactivating for now. If you need to contact me, send me an email to slurdge a t slurdge d o t org. Thanks.

Deluge on windows now features debug supportSeptember 2007

If you are interested in the deluge on windows alpha build, you can now have a crash report in case of a crash. In fact, there are three ! crash types: The python warning. When you close deluge, a dialog box appears telling you that there were errors. This one can be safely ignored. To see the warnings, open the deluge.exe.log file, and if you find the content interesting (you should know some python), you can send me the info. Read more

Game section onlineApril 2007

The game section has been totally converted from the old site into the new one. You can browse the two games on the left.