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Add to TrelloMay 2016

What is it? AddToTrello is a Microsoft Windows application to add tasks to your Trello Board without requiring launching the browser. Its simple and fast operation mode allows to reduce the time needed to add a task to a minimum. You can download the latest release (setup.msi) You can see it in action in the following screenshot It is built on top of Manatee.Trello with WPF. How to use After installation, first launch will require you to authorize the application with Trello. Read more

Gwbasic dumperSeptember 2015

This program take binary GWBASIC programs and dumps them in a text format. Most of the information was taken from this reference: A copy of the reference has been put in markdown format in The program has been tested with real GWBASIC programs dumped from a DosBox, on the author tests, it provides a 100% match for the text. However it may be very well that some cases are not handled correctly. Read more

New utility onlineMarch 2011

There is a new utility online: pmwiki2trac. This allows you to convert a pmwiki text to trac syntax. Check it out!

PmWiki To TracMarch 2011

To call, use this: [options] [inputfile] [outputfile] If input file in empty, stdin is used. The same goes for outputfile.

Gray MatterMarch 2011

On this project, my help was required for the scripting backend of the game. Central point, this systems allow non developers to give instructions to the game in order to have a rich gameplay. I was involved in the following points: LUA debugging LUA optimization LUA memory tracking and management Build upon my serious skills in scripts languages and in LUA, the script subsystem was overhauled to provide a consistent behavior. Read more

Added new gamesMarch 2011

I've added new games description from my work at Wizarbox. There's Soblonde on Wii/DS, and Risen on Xbox360. Check them out !

SoBlonde : Back to the IslandMarch 2011

This game, all screenshots and accompanying materials are copyright Wizarbox. This an adventure game developed for the DS/Wii. You are Sunny, a young blond woman who’s lost on a pirate island. Will you be able to unravel the mysteries around the island and to escape ? The game feature an impressive 2D/3D combination for the DS, with smooth controls and exiting enigmas ! For this game, I developed mainly: Initial port of PC scenes Main engine Scene renderer Sprite renderer Animation system Dialog system 3D/2D compositing without Z-buffer, the DS doesn’t support it Tools Image exporter Dialog compiler Scene compiler Scene Editor Dialog Editor Localize Scene exporter Font compiler LZMA compressor I also developed the localization process that allow the game to be fully translated in any Unicode compatible language (all :-) ). Read more

RisenMarch 2011

This game, being rich and open, provided with plentiful challenges in order to have run on the Xbox360. But first, kudos to the Piranha Bytes team for creating such a great game ! I was involved in the optimization and fitting part, doing work from memory to graphics. My expertise on constrained systems was useful for Memory analysis and tuning Performance enhancement, CPU/GPU wise. Localization stripping Build time optimization Gameplay fixes and tuning GUI and script fixing

Bienvenue !March 2011

Bienvenue sur mon site (qui en est quand même à la version 5 !). Sur ce site vous pourrez trouver des utilitaires, des jeux, des simulations, bref, un peu de tout. J’ai arrêté d’avoir un site en deux langues car cela prenait trop de temps de tout traduire, donc maintenant il n’y a que les applications entièrement en français qui disposent d’une page française (Reminder, Tsv to qif…). Si vous avez besoin d’aide, n’hésitez pas à poser la questions dans les forums ou bien contactez moi ! Read more

Drupal 7 on the wayJanuary 2011

Drupal 7 is out ! Time to update again :) This time it is a little bit more difficult, since CCK is now part of drupal core. So if you see anything that is broken, please use the contact form.